What Is A Veranda And How To Make It Look Appealing

During summer days and even spring days, our veranda at home is one of the best places where we can conduct our social gatherings. It is a cozy place where we can relax and feel the fresh air.

The question is; how to make it look appealing and comfortable? There are a lot of styles we can incorporate depending on our personalities. How do we know it’s the best style for our veranda? I decided to write this article to assist you in making your veranda look vibrant and more appealing than it is now.



We have always been confused how veranda is different from porch. To follow some guide in how to make it look beautiful, we should know how a veranda really looks like. Why do we need to learn what veranda looks like? How does it differ from porch and terrace? It is important to know the differences because there are a lot to point out.

It’s essential to know the parts of the house especially when you are planning to build one. So, why do have to put emphasis on the unique characteristics of the veranda from the others?

What is a Veranda?

A veranda is a roofed and open-air gallery. It is also often partly enfolded by railings and ranges across the sides or front of the house. The veranda has been prominent in many countries like Australia, United States and Poland.

The veranda has been featured quite in Australian architecture. It has also been incorporated in colonial 1850s buildings.

The residential and commercial buildings used the Victorian Filigree architecture style. It features authentic and stylish screens of bent iron, wood fretwork and cast iron. This residential construction adapted the subtropical climates of the place, and is frequently in the Filigree style.


Some of the notable towns in the Southern United States which were built with a covered front veranda are the townhouses in New Orleans, Louisiana specifically Creole. Veranda gained its popularity even before the invention of air-conditioner.

Spanish Colonial architecture also incorporated verandas, both on the exterior of buildings along the interior walls of courtyards. In some cases, houses were built with every room leading into a courtyard veranda, rather than with inner corridors directed to other rooms.

What Type of Veranda to Choose?

In order to know your specific preference if you are planning to build a veranda, here’s a list of the types of veranda which you can use for reference.

Traditional or Victorian Veranda

If you’re planning to install a classic looking veranda, install it in an old house or property. It comes with Victorian styles lamp posts.

The traditional type also has a roof glass and arches at the top of columns. You can put antique furniture to enhance the Victorian theme.

Contemporary Veranda

Contemporary veranda is commonly installed to modern properties. It is sophisticated and stylish. Plus, the setting provides a more enjoyable outdoor activities.


A glass roof, polycarbonate and roof blinds are sometimes used in creating a contemporary veranda. In this type of veranda, you can do whatever you want as long as it is still stylish and comfortable.

Polycarbonate Veranda

This is a more solid version of the modern/contemporary veranda. Bronze, opal and clear polycarbonate are commonly used for building of the roof.


The Difference Between Veranda, Porch and Balcony?

No matter what the season is, outdoor part of the home is still enjoyable. We usually stay in our veranda, porch and balcony. But what is the difference between the three and why do we need to learn all of these?

First, a porch covered are projected in front of the entrance of the house or a building. Porch can be found outside the walls of the building but it is sometimes enclosed walls and screens that extends from the main structure.

A balcony on the other hand, is a platform outside the house or the building. It is usually enclosed by walls or supported by brackets and columns. The balcony projects from the wall of the structure.

But commonly, balconies are small and can’t be a place for social meetings and others.Again, a veranda is a roofed structure outside the house and is usually enclosed by railings.

How to Make Your Veranda Appealing and Comfortable?

Now that you’re already informed about the common and basic information of veranda, I will give you tips on how to make it appealing. The tips are highly recommended.

First, brighten your veranda. Install lights to illuminate darkness. You can also put an attractive light in the entrance or center of the veranda. The type of light you can use to make it more appealing is a pendant or recessed light. However, you can also use chandeliers if you want to make it grand. To make your veranda brighter, you add wall some wall decoration to improve its creative style.


Second, make it cool and breezy. You can install stylish ceiling fans and others to keep it breezy especially during summer days. If your veranda has the minimalist effect, you can add some fans with black blades to emphasize the neutral color. If your veranda is beach-inspired, you can add fans with stylish leaf blades to emphasize the summer vibrant.


Third, make it very comfy. You do some of your social activities in the veranda, so make it comfortable for people. Add some dining set, tables and comfortable chairs. Choose the furniture that matches with the weather so it can last long. If your veranda has this casual and bright vibrant, you can put white furniture. If your veranda has this outdoor vibrant, you can add wood furniture to emphasize the feel. Add cushions and other ornaments to make it look appealing.


Interesting Theme Ideas for your Veranda


Butterfly Garden

If you are a nature lover and want to experience nature in your veranda, you can incorporate a butterfly themed garden. You can put decorations for your veranda to make it look very naturalistic, like colorful plants and the right colorful scheme.


The patterns in the wall, furniture and cushions should match your entire plan. You can also experiment with what other type of furniture you can add, as long as it matches your butterfly theme veranda.



If you are the type who wants to experience magical things in your veranda, you can use the magical theme.


You can use glass with colors and flowers which enhances the magical vibe of your veranda. Wall decorations and ceiling patterns should be looked at too.



This is one of the most used themes of the veranda. Most with ultra modern theme, you can experiment with colors. For example, white and green creates and enhances a modern look.


If you want to use the Tokyo style, you can use tough glass in floors and concrete that is dark polished.

I hope that you enjoyed my discussion about a veranda. Next time you’d be able to identify one or probably install one of your own! You can also decorate it with the style that you want!

If you have comments and suggestions please do not hesitate to spill it out. Remember that you can do whatever you want with your veranda as long it makes the place beautiful!

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