6 Effective Ways on How to Get Rid of Annoying Woodpeckers

You are spending your afternoon, bathing in the comfortable silence while reading a book when suddenly you hear a constant tapping drumming. You go out of your house just to see a woodpecker already drilling a hole in a side of your house. The thing is, there is a law that prohibits the killing of animals so you just can’t kill them nor am I telling you to.

There are a lot of non-violent and humane ways in dealing with woodpeckers so what will you need? What do you need to do? How do you keep woodpeckers from drumming a hole to your home? This article aims to be able to answer those questions and in the end, help you with your woodpecker problem.


What Do You Need?


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  • Suet – this is a formula made from animal fat taken from raw beef or mutton, especially from the parts around the kidneys and loins. It is used as an alternative for the insects that birds usually eat when they are not plentiful during the colder seasons. You can check this suet product at Amazon.
  • Visual deterrents – it is known that woodpeckers tend to avoid places where predators and bright things among other things.

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  • Reflective tape – you could also go for foil or aluminum strips. You should cut one that is long enough to dangle in the wind when you will tie it on the side of your house. Irri-tapes are good example of this.
  • Strings – choose colorful ones. Bright colors tend to discourage woodpeckers.
  • Windsocks – it could serve as an alternative when you do not want to go for aluminum or foil strips. Check this windsock at Amazon.
  • Owl figurine – as said before, the sight of predators scares away woodpeckers but there is a certain disadvantage if you put this in the same place every day. An alternative to owl figurines is the scary eye balloons which usually bounces around so you do not have to worry about it being stationary.
  • Handheld windmill – if you are looking for a visual deterrent that is also visually appealing, then I advise you to get this. You could also consider getting flags if a windmill is not your cup of tea.
  • Fruits/berries – they can be your alternative source of food for the woodpeckers that serves as a diversion.
  • Sound deterrents – another thing that woodpeckers are scared are unfamiliar noises or the sound of a predator.
  • Recording – a recording of a woodpecker giving a distress call and then followed by a sharp sound from a predator and send to your speaker system.
  • Motion detector – this will make a noise when woodpeckers get close to it.
  • Wind chimes – if you are opting for a less expensive way to scare them off, then this might be a good choice.


If you are constantly bombarded with woodpeckers, then going for long-term solutions might be best like having a speaker system installed to have your recording played. It could also serve as entertainment when you use it to play music.

  • Putty – a means to prepare the damages done by woodpeckers. You could this buy this at your local hardware store along with the paint.
  • Paint – choose colors that fit to your taste and that compliments your home and I also advise you to buy the ones that are oil-based.

What to Do


Doing a preliminary inspection

Before making or doing any measures against woodpeckers, it is important to know to check the places they are pecking. When a woodpecker drums a hole into your home, it is usually because it has found a food source which will likely be insects like bees, ants and termites.

Go to the places the woodpeckers have been attacking and inspect for insect manifestations. If there is, exercise caution and go for the natural way of getting rid of them. PestHow has a tutorial on how to get rid of termites or if you’re dealing with bees, then you could check this tutorial from SEMBA.


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Providing an alternative food source

To divert the attention of woodpeckers away from your home is to provide another source of food they can eat and doing this is best with a suet pack (you can purchase one here)

Place the suet close enough to the place where woodpeckers have a tendency to drum that they will take notice of it. Make sure to place it aboveground where other animals will not be able to eat it. A tree would be best since woodpeckers also like to peck them.


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To train the woodpeckers, widen the distance of the suet feeder away from your home each day.


Suet easily melt with high temperatures so avoid using them during hot weathers.

Planting fruits or berries can be an alternative food source for woodpeckers. Choose ones that are sweet and plant them not too close to your home.


Putting and installing visual deterrents

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For visual deterrents that you can hang like reflective tape or windsocks, put them in a strategic place where woodpeckers usually drum and place them in a stylish and decorative way so that it also adds to the visual appeal of your home at the same time. Make sure that they won’t fall off.

For deterrents like small windmills or flags, you can attach them to the top of the roof where wind is always present which is effective for scaring away woodpeckers. For owl figurines, you can place them on your rafters. Place them at a different place every day.


Installing the sound deterrents

An additional reinforcement to the visual deterrents you have already placed. If you are going to scare woodpeckers with sound recordings of certain predators, then it’s advised to you install a sound or speaker system which you can place in strategic locations.

On the other hand, if you are opting for the motion detector then make sure to place them where woodpeckers usually frequent.

Lastly, you could consider putting few wind chimes around your house. Woodpeckers are usually scared off by unusual sounds.


Repairing the damages done

When woodpeckers have already drilled a hole into your home, it is always better to fix it immediately to prevent other woodpeckers from doing the same. A well-kept home is always best for you.

In repairing the damages done, you will just need to get putty and fill the woodpecker hole with it and then proceed to paint, with a color of your choice.


Consulting the experts

It really does not hurt to ask an advice from someone who has already done steps in getting rid of woodpeckers. You could also ask someone to capture the woodpeckers safely to avoid any trouble.


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Enjoying a Silent Afternoon and a Woodpecker Hole-free Home

So did the tutorial? Were all of your answers questioned on how to get rid of woodpeckers? Being able to get rid of woodpeckers is a relief for me and other people who have been bothered by the drumming and tapping sounds that they produce. When you just want to sleep but you can’t sleep with the constant sounds. It is really irritating, don’t you think.

But remember, don’t get rid of woodpeckers the violent way because not only crosses lines but you are also breaking the law. Get rid of them in the most humane way by having visual and sound deterrents. You could also provide them an alternative food source or getting rid of insect manifestations.

If you have any additional questions, comments or reactions, please don’t hesitate in letting me know down in the comments below and I will be sure to reply. Additionally, if you want others to let them know of these tips, then go ahead and share it.

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