6 Secrets on How to Remove Scratches from Glasses

There are times when we get clumsy and get scratches on glasses like our windshield or our windows no matter how hard we try not to. But most people think that when you have scratched a glass, it is permanent and resort to getting rid of the glass permanently.

However, that’s actually not the case. If the scratch is not too deep, then you can easily remove it with easy-to-obtain materials.

So this begs the question, how to remove scratches from glasses? What kind of things do you need? How effective is it? I made this article so that you will be able to get the very answers to those questions and to help people understand that a scratch is not the end of everything.


6 Effective Ways on How to Get Rid of Annoying Woodpeckers

You are spending your afternoon, bathing in the comfortable silence while reading a book when suddenly you hear a constant tapping drumming. You go out of your house just to see a woodpecker already drilling a hole in a side of your house. The thing is, there is a law that prohibits the killing of animals so you just can’t kill them nor am I telling you to.

There are a lot of non-violent and humane ways in dealing with woodpeckers so what will you need? What do you need to do? How do you keep woodpeckers from drumming a hole to your home? This article aims to be able to answer those questions and in the end, help you with your woodpecker problem.


How To Wire A Light Switch: 6 Safe Ways that Won’t Get you Toasted

One of the most essential energy-saving tools found in our homes is a light switch. The reason behind this is that, whenever you feel like it, you could easily turn on or off our lights according to your discretion. As much as how you want it, you don’t know how to wire a light switch. And it’s just plainly sad.

But worry no more because here are some few easy and doable ways to wire a light switch!

Slow down! Before actually doing the stuff, have you ever asked yourself why would you want to do it? Obviously, you are only changing wires whenever they are broken. When they break, they wouldn’t work and sometimes (most of the time, worst!) is they give off spark! Boom.


The Best Way to Clean Glass Top Stove: 5 Super Easy Ways that will Shock You!

Glass-top stoves are one of the most desired kitchen appliances that every mom would want because of its stylish and luxurious design, as well as its convenience of use. These stoves actually lure you to cook to them, especially when they’re shining and shimmering with cleanliness.

A glimmering stove would make you want to use your pans to cook delish meals. And the best way to clean glass top stove is your partner to keep your stove this way, forever!