The Best Way to Clean Glass Top Stove: 5 Super Easy Ways that will Shock You!

Glass-top stoves are one of the most desired kitchen appliances that every mom would want because of its stylish and luxurious design, as well as its convenience of use. These stoves actually lure you to cook to them, especially when they’re shining and shimmering with cleanliness.

A glimmering stove would make you want to use your pans to cook delish meals. And the best way to clean glass top stove is your partner to keep your stove this way, forever!


The initial plan is to cook and create a mouthwatering dish, then you have to clean all the mess up, square one.

However, compromises of aesthetic beauty exists in these kinds of appliances since glass top stoves are very disappointing especially when you have to maintain it clean.

If cleaning wouldn’t immediately follow, dirt such as oil spills and the likes would evolve to something which is harder to clean. Tomato sauce that is spilled from cooking spaghetti would make you hate your life if left overnight.

When you have a number of strong stains, don’t easily give up and return to your primitive ways of cooking. Instead, here are 5 super easy ways to clean your glass top stove and get back its shining and shimmering glow!


1. Before anything else, prepare your stove first.

The feast is done, the banquet is cleared and the plates are all clean and washed. Before proceeding to cleaning your stove, you have to be certain that the gas range is put out and super cool. Application of any cleaning products while the stove is scorching hot will convert these chemicals to dirt as well. Wow.

On a positive note, glass top stoves are built with light indicator that will serve as your warning before you actually cook your own hand. Once this light is gone, then you could start your battle versus tough dirt and stains.


It is best not to use pans that are made of glass, ceramic, iron and other raw materials that could scratch and damage the surface of the glass-top stove. Aluminum foil isn’t an exception since it could also stain the glass!

2. Check your kitchen, you may find anything helpful!

The solution to defeat these tough stains in the battle of cleaning glass-top stoves maybe found in the corners of your kitchen. Ingredients such as baking soda, vinegar or lemon juice are freedom fighters against nerve-wracking food dirt and stains.

Until the top is cold enough to clean, wet a soft cloth or sponge with water. Baking soda best affects these stains by directly poured on the stove and stay there for a while. Scrubbing with this cloth towards the surface is effective and the stain will certainly go away.


Lemon juice and vinegar on the other hand will be most effective if put into a mixture. Hot water on a plastic bottle should be prepared before pouring either the vinegar or the juice. This mixture should be sprayed directly on the stain and should be wiped with a clean, soft cloth.

When stains persist, do the thing all over again. After all these things are done, rinsing the top with water and rinsing it completely with clean cloth is necessary.

3. Use Scrapper and Razor...carefully!

One of the most pressing issues discussed in cleaning the glass-top of stoves is the use of razor or scrapper in cleaning stronger, tougher stains. Some people would blatantly say that the risk of destroying an expensive, valuable kitchen appliance is high when using these tools.

Others would also say that it is a much bigger damage if these strong stains would remain in the glass-top stove. Moreover, with the proper handling of these tools, it wouldn’t hurt these appliances that much.

On a lighter note, makers of appliances actually suggest users to buy scrappers that are specially designed to clean the sensitive and vulnerable glass-top stoves. When doing so, you have to associate the using of this tool with an effective cleaning chemical to soften the stain. With care and caution, and with the proper knowledge, caring for the stove would be much easier.

4. Use Extra Special Cleaning Products!


There are a vast range of cleaning products sold in the market that are proven safe and effective, especially when fighting dirt found in the glass-top of your stove. Most of these substances are thick and creamy hence, it would hurt the stovetop much. A few tips on how the cleaning should look like when these products are used:

  • Small portion of these liquid cleaners should be put on top of the glass surface and then spread it all over
  • Leave the substance for a few minutes and observe if it is converted into a milky-white and dry
  • To wipe the stain thoroughly, use a clean dry cloth. Extra effort should be exerted to check if there are remaining remnants of the stain
  • When the stains are gone, back up the cleaning process by wiping down the glass surface of the stove one more time using different cloth
  • The end feeling that the surface should have is smooth. If not, do the process again


  • Put the liquid cleaner substance to the area where stains are all over but never let it dry. When the area is otherwise burnt, rather use lubricant.
  • This time, scrapper and razor should be in action. With carefulness and caution, scoop and scrape the stubborn stain until its completely gone


Never ever use cleaners that are very strong in an extent that it creates a blatant and apparent damage to the glass. Pads that have rough surface like steel wool should never be used to clean the glass-top. Scratches due to the use of these materials can cause stains of food to penetrate it, remaining permanently and harder to clean.

5. Clean your mess ASAP!

This is one of the most important piece of advice that we could offer. Sauce, oil and other kinds of spills are very difficult to clean, especially when it’s a glass-top stove you are using. If you don’t feel like cleaning at all and leave the stain the next day, then you would suffer from its consequences. Leaving remnants of food to stay in your stoves will make your cleaning experience unforgettable, not in a good way, and could possible make you spend much more.


As soon as the stove has cooled down, food and other stuff should immediately be removed from the vicinity of the stove.

There you have it, the 5 best way to clean glass top stove! I hope that this post solved your problems on stubborn food stains. If you want to ask anything or have something to say, comment anything below. Don’t forget to like and share this post, for me to help others!

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