The Best Vinyl Windows for Your Home!

Are you looking for a new window replacement? Then you should opt for the best vinyl windows. This type of glass housing is the most popular today due to its simplicity and ease of installment.

Many homeowners are now switching to vinyl window frames. The first reason is its inexpensiveness. Compared to a wooden frame or a fiberglass frame, a vinyl frame is relatively cheap.


Moreover, this kind of window does not require a painting job. Specifically, a vinyl window has a default white surface. This platform has a particular characteristic that repels paint and stains. Therefore, you can install them without worrying about other side jobs and expenses.

But what are the best vinyl windows today? In this article, we will highlight the top rated vinyl windows in the market today. Each of them possesses the quality and appeal that you would certainly want in your home!

Different Types of Windows​


Before we give a preview of these vinyl windows, we should discuss the types of windows that you can opt. Aside from the materials. You should also consider the number of the window's panel as well as its ventilation, mode of operation, and how you hinge them.

Casement style​

The casement windows are your best choice if you don't want obstructions in your view. This type of window has a one-side hinge, just like a door. It also has a crank that allows you to open it outward.



A casement window provides excellent ventilation. Because of the full hinge design, casement windows are easy to clean. In fact, casement windows are more airtight compared to double-hung windows. This is due to the presence of the sash, which locks the window tightly to the frame.

However, you cannot install air conditioners if you have a casement window.


Double-hung windows are the most popular choice today. They have an outside (upper) sash that slides down and an inside (lower) sash that slides up. This kind of mechanism can improve the circulation of air in your home.



Double-hung windows are easy to clean, too. You can quickly tilt each of the sashes every time you will clean them. They are also an excellent choice if you are planning to install window air conditioners.

However, this type of window has high-trimmed sills. Therefore, you may still need to shim them so that you can provide stability to your air conditioner.


They have the same mechanism as a double-hung window. However, they have only one sash that moves (the bottom one). Meanwhile, the top sash is always closed so that it can prevent cold air and water from entering. As a result of this design, single-hung windows are quite inexpensive.



Awning-Style Window

This type of window is hinged at the top. Just like casement windows, an awning-style window has a sash that locks tightly against the frame. Therefore, they are very airtight, too!



Hopper-Style Window

They are the opposite of the awning-style windows. Instead on the top, the hinge is located at the bottom. Moreover, you can open them either outward or inward.



Fixed Window

You will need this type of window if ventilation and lighting don't matter to you. They are perfect for your bathroom and other decorative areas. Fixed windows are usually airtight and are available to various shapes.



Best Vinyl Windows

Now that we covered all the types of windows that you can choose, it is the time that we introduce the top vinyl window frames today!

#1 Duo Basement Double Slider Vinyl Window


This vinyl window frame is impact resistant. It has sashes that are fully-welded and removable. The frame is also fully-weeped so that you can remove water quickly. The Duo Basement Double Slider Vinyl Window is perfect for replacement and new construction applications. Specifically, the vinyl frame has a thickness of 2 1/4 inches.

#2 Park Ridge Vinyl Octagon Fixed Window


The Park Ridge Vinyl Octagon Fixed Window is truly a masterpiece. It has a vinyl mainframe that is fully extruded so that it can be weatherproof. Meanwhile, its insulate glass and rigid seals effectively prevent the entry of cold air. Aside from the function, the Park Ridge Vinyl Window can be an excellent decorative addition to your home, too!

#3 Park Ridge VBSI3218PR Vinyl Basement Slider Window


Another vinyl window that you should choose from Park Ridge is the VBSI3218PR Vinyl Basement Slider Window. You could choose this one for your remodeling needs. It has a heavy duty vinyl sash and frame that can withstand strong impacts. The sash features a smooth gliding. Even for that, it still locks with the main frame for a perfect airtight seal.

#4 Shed Windows Double Pane Vinyl Window


The main selling point of the Shed Windows Double Pane Vinyl Window is its absolute weatherproofing. Specifically, its lower sash is double stripped so that the elements can't penetrate. Moreover, it has insulated glass which can withstand impact as well. The frame itself is sturdy, so you should not worry about its lifespan and quality.

#5 Park Ridge VBHI3222PR Vinyl Basement Window


The Park Ridge VBHI3222PR Vinyl Basement Window possess and internal weeping system that automatically eradicates water formation. Meanwhile, it has a cast metal lock, which is a significant advantage since most windows today are using plastic. The insulated glass of this window has a full-screen coverage. Therefore, not elements can get inside!


These are the best vinyl windows that you can buy in the market today. Each of them can perfectly fit the interiors and exteriors of your home. They are easy to install and require less maintenance.


If you are planning to install additional or new windows on your property, always consider a professional contractor. They can give advice on what type of window you should use. Moreover, they can do quick and foolproof installments, which are all worthy investments!

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