Top 5 Best RV Batteries to Avoid Agonizing Mistakes of Choosing

RV battery means Recreational Vehicle battery which is customized to supply a huge value of power in unit of amps, in a quick burst or in just a few seconds to get an engine of a machine going.

However, these are meant to provide a much lesser amps but the time becomes hours instead of seconds. Given these, you are entitled to know the top five best RV batteries that exist.



How to choose your battery

Your RV battery should have a lower power and deep cycling ability that may last longer and which may perform way better than a battery that is engine starting.

Best deep cycle batteries can last from three to four times longer than that of an RV battery situated in the same condition. The measurement is for you to know the power of the battery in amp-hours. The bigger the number, the better is the battery.


For the useful technology embedded in this type of battery, lead-acid technology is the one playing the main role in all of RV batteries. The lead is soaked in an acid solution which is also known as the electrolyte. These are maintenance-free in an attempt to lessen the loss of electrolyte by having the cells sealed, leaving only a tiny vent hole.

Another way to properly choose your battery is by acquiring enough information about CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) to replace the battery with another one with either the same or a much larger CCA rating.


An alternative measurement which is called RC (Reserve Capacity) is the number of minutes that the battery can sustain a load of 25 amp.

Marine batteries, on the other hand, attempt to establish a compromise framework that fuses the characteristics of starting and deep cycling batteries. This kind of battery trades a lower CCA rating for some kind of a better deep cycle performance.

Advantages and benefits

At the present time, all RV batteries utilize lead-acid tech which is useful technology for batteries, but it comes in different parcels.

Flooded Cell battery

This is the basic package in which the lead is soaked in an electrolyte, as mentioned earlier. This consequently loses a bit of the solution every time it is charged, so the addition of some water is necessitated once in a while.

Maintenance free battery

This kind attempts to lessen the loss of electrolyte by having the cells sealed, leaving a tiny vent hole. However, this is not as effective under frequent heavy recharging which is typical to a deep cycle use.

AGM batteries

Absorbed glass mat batteries have the capability to cause the electrolyte solution to be retained in a glass fiber sponge and are completely sealed except of course for a safety valve. It is very effective in the lessening of the loss of electrolyte during recharge and this is also an excellent technology choice.

Gel type batteries

These use an electrolyte that is a thick paste, and these are also completely sealed making these a good choice as well. However, AGM has hugely taken the place of Gel tech for RV use.

Attributes that differentiate products

Discharge curves

A wide range of applications have been developed by energy cells using a variation of different techniques, which results to a wide range of performance characteristics available.

The graph presents some of the main factors that you should take account into especially when specifying a battery to counterpart the required performance of the output.

Temperature characteristics

The performance of a cell can change with temperature dramatically. At the lower extreme, the electrolyte itself may freeze in batteries with aqueous electrolytes, thus setting a lower limit on the operating temperature.

At low temperatures, batteries that are Lithium suffer from the plating of Lithium causing a permanence in its reduction capacity. At the upper extreme, chemicals that are active may break down and destroy the battery. In between these limits, the performance of the cell generally enhances with temperature.

What you should know about RV batteries

RV batteries have several cells connected in series and each cell has an output of more or less 2.1 volts. Lead acid batteries are composed of plates, lead, and lead oxide submerged in electrolyte. Therefore, the volume of the lead plates and the quantity of electrolyte determines the value of charge that a battery can be able to store.

The life span of your RV batteries depends on you and how you use them. It also matters as to how well they are maintained, discharged, recharged and stored. The cycle of a battery is one total discharge from a hundred percent down to approximately fifty percent and then recharge them again to a hundred.

One vital factor to their life expectancy is how deep the battery is cycled each and every time. Bear in mind also that the two general causes for battery failure are undercharging and overcharging.

Top 5 Best RV Batteries to Review

Sealed Lead Acid Battery (12V; 35 AH; UB12350)

This battery weighs 22.6 lb, has a dimension of 8.1x8.1x5.9 inches, it requires one nonstandard battery, and its special feature are: it is used in security, it has a medical mobility, solar emergency lighting, power supplies that are uninterruptible, electric gates/fences, backup battery for garage door, and portable medical devices.


  • Rechargeable
  • Can be used to power an inverter
  • Works when it takes only one or two 12-volt batteries
  • Works great with solar panels
  • Not certain if it works for walker cart
  • Charge quick on high amp but will not last long
  • Battery cannot be revived

Cycle VRLA Group 24 Battery

This battery weighs 53.5 lb, its dimensions are 10.2x8.2x6.6 inches, and this has a rate of 4.5 out of 5 stars. WindyNation's Battamax Series batteries do boast their own genuine deep-cycle AGM customization.

These designs are sealed and maintenance free and these offer a battery that is ideal for a variety of applications such as floor cleaning.


  • Awesome battery
  • Perfect for the needs
  • Posts of battery made of brass
  • Posts of battery cannot be torque down

Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M

This battery weighs 43.5 lb, product dimensions of 10x6.9x7.8 inches, and it has a rate of 4.7 out of 5 stars. It has the finest starting power even when in a bad weather, and it has a reserve power of 120 minutes for constant routine.


  • Can use any charger
  • 1 and 2 day shipping available
  • Only lasts one hour when drawing 600 watts
  • Draws great amps at high volume

Maintenance Free Marine Battery

This battery has a unique reserve capacity of 200 minutes. It has an impressive design that is a dual terminal one. It also has an absorbed glass separator mat that is crafted just for the improvement of the optimal recombination rates.

This is to prevent the cell to have a dry-out moment and thus provide an extreme compression of element which assures the stability of the battery under a period of exceedingly strong vibration and an operation that is of a high cycle.


  • Good choice of battery for a boat
  • Provides good power for the space
  • Works perfectly
  • Needs a competitive battery charger
  • Battery performance is not as good as expected of it

Mighty Max Battery

This battery is a rechargeable maintenance battery. It has a dimension of 7.68 in x 5.16 in x 7.13 in. this is a spill proof battery that is capable of discharging in a high rate with temperatures that are wide operating ones, and long service life for that matter. T also has a deep discharge recover that completely adds up to its features.


  • Heavy duty
  • Has a decent capacity
  • Too easy to deform fasteners
  • No assurance for quality

The winner for the best RV battery is the Maintenance Free Marine Battery since this is the only one among the rest which managed to have features that are very satisfactory. It is also easy to use and is sure to suffice your needs and demands for quality service.

Although there are some of the others in the top 5 that seem to be good enough to be the best, the chosen winner still deserve to be such because of its own possessed attributes.

Given these features and attributes of an RV battery as well as of all its factors, these are the top 5 best RV batteries that you can count on when choosing the one that best suit your demands.

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