Top 5 Best Garage Lighting: How To Select The Best One

A garage is not identified as an area which has the best lighting because after all, they basically are not built with any windows; so any luminosity that you want in your garage has to come from light fixtures. There is a variety of lighting choices and you have to make sure that you get to pick the best among the rest.


Basic types of lightings

There are three basic kinds of lightings, which has their own features and a sense of style.

Ambient lighting

This type of lighting provides a certain area with an overall illumination. Also known as general lighting, it gives off a calm level of brightness devoid of glare and it allows you to perceive and walk around safely. This can also serve as a main source of task lighting in an enclosed room.

Task lighting

This type of lighting helps you perform specific tasks, such as reading, grooming, readying and making food, attending homework, executing on hobbies, playing games and balancing your checkbook. This is also possible in car garage depending on your preferences.

Accent lighting

This type of lighting adds drama to a room by creating a visual curiosity. As part of an interior design scheme, it is used to capture the attention and focus to houseplants, paintings, sculptures and other precious stuff that you have. It can utilized as well to highlight the texture of a brick or stone wall, treatment on windows, or the landscape outdoors.

Basic types of light bulbs

Each and every light bulb has its positive and negative takes, and there are particular bulbs that work better in different areas in the house. Take a deeper look at the different bulbs to see where and how each should be used.


A kind of light bulb which is the most commonly used and usually the least expensive. This type of luminosity has a warm appeal, and one that seems to be inviting and it also compliments to skin tones, as well as psychologically appealing. This bulb usually lasts between 700 to 1,000 hours and can be used with a dimmer; however, it is not as energy efficient as other choices.


This is a kind of light bulb is a variation of incandescent. Colors seem to be fiercer under halogen illumination and the bulbs can also be dimmed.

They're a little bit more energy efficient compared to that of the incandescent bulbs, but they are more expensive and they burn at a higher temperature. Most often these bulbs are used in lighting under the cabinet, suspended lights and lower-level cans.

The danger here is that a smallest residue of oil from a human hand can rub off on the bulb, therefore creating an atmosphere where the bulb warms too fast when the lamp is turned on, which can cause the bulb to explode.


This kind of light bulb gives a flat, cold light, which is often bluish and harsh. It is equivalent to daylight and is not capable of being restrained on a dimmer.

There is a variety of types of fluorescents on the market and these are warm, cool and special-colored ones, and they typically reproduce more light and they last longer than incandescent bulbs. These bulbs work well to illuminate huge spaces like basements or attics.

Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs)

This type of light bulbs consumes a quarter of the produced energy that incandescent bulbs do and lasts longer of 10 times than the usual. Not like the outdated fluorescent lights, CFLs are hushed, can be automatically switched on and have warmer, color oriented tones.

They CFLs have a subtle quantity of mercury, which is widely known as a harmful substance. Even though these bulbs contain way less mercury than those of the other items found in a household, care still has to be observed and be taken to a higher degree to prevent breakage.

Bear in mind that when CFLs burn out, they shouldn't be thrown away but instead be recycled properly.


This is an illuminating machinery that has a long life span and tremendously efficient in energy, but they're not yet prepared to displace all other bulbs yet.

For a reason they supply only directional light as of the time being, making them ideal for under the counter task lighting, but not general room illumination.

To conquer this hindrance, update units that are composed of huge arrays of LEDs clustered together, with prices that range from a couple of times higher than CFLs, which lead us to the conclusion that these bulbs are not meant to be owned by everybody..yet.

For the best garage lighting, it is best to have a combination of the three discussed kinds of lightings, and these are ambient, task, and accent, especially if you have something that is worth highlighting in your covered parking space; but if you do not have anything to highlight, and you prefer a more generalized lighting, then an ambient lighting is best for you.

For the types of light bulbs on the other hand, fluorescent bulb is the best, given ita features and safety of use. Therefore, the following will be a review for the best fluorescent light bulbs.

5 Popular Garage Lighting

1. FLT24 2-Ft, 4-Tube component


This kind of fixture, which is from Envirogro is a full parcel, with T5 bulbs included. The lumen yield is rated at up to 8000 lumens, and the powder coated steel housing is ideal for maximizing your light coverage.

This is not so much of a high profile set up, meaning, it does not take up too much room in your garage. You can choose to suspend this fixture either overhead, vertical or horizontal and it can be combined with multiple fixtures for maximum coverage.

This glow comes in multiple sizes, which can be either two feet or four feet long with two tubes, four tubes or eight tubes.

  • Does not need additional ventilation
  • T5 light bulbs included
  • 5 year warranty
  • Some bulbs failed to last long
  • Does not have a timer
  • Not full spectrum

2. T5 Grow Light DL824


This two-foot long illuminating fixture comes with four T5 light bulbs. It puts out an impressive 10,000. The German Hammertone reflectors in this fixture are rated at 95% reflectivity and put out 30% more light total than the contest.

There is a power channel included on the fixture itself, making it easy to chain multiple fixtures together and power up to twelve fixtures using only one wall outlet. You can also customize each fixture further by using the two detached switches for power – one for the inner bulbs, and one for the outer bulbs.

  • Customizable with two or four lights on at any time
  • Combine with ease with other fixtures for maximum coverage
  • Powerful 10,000 lumen output
  • Can only be bolted horizontally
  • The equilibrium is not easily accessible
  • Some reviewers had issues with customer service and broken bulbs

3. T5 Grow Light DL844s


This advanced light fixture is from the same producer as above, but with twice the quantity of output as the two-foot model. This has a length of four feet, four bulb-set up puts out a massive 20,000 lumens and has the same to that of a German Hammertone glass hood for maximum light output.

You can chain up to five of these grow lights together using an outlet that is in one wall only. This makes it really convenient to use because you do not have to worry about the clutter or hazardous outcome of having multiple extension cords for each and every light.

This set up also includes two power switches, one each for the inner and outer bulbs so that you can turn down the power if needed and fully customize your lighting.

  • Exceedingly powerful at 20,000 lumens
  • Light runs warm
  • No warranty
  • May need additional ventilation
  • Not full spectrum

4. 4 FT 6400K T5 Fluorescent Grow Light Bulbs


This set of T5 lights from Apollo is a great deal, which is not cheaper than $30 for five lights. When you consider the total number of power you get from T5 lights and the remarkable quality from a well known brand such as Apollo, this is a brilliant deal.

The parcel includes five T5 light bulbs at 54 watts each, with a color warmth of 6400K. You can also have a pack of 5 lights at 2700K with these. These lights put out 4,850 lumens, which can be maximized with a reflective hood.

  • Inexpensive
  • Great quality
  • Well known brand
  • Do not have a warranty
  • Bulbs burn out quickly
  • Does not come with hood or ballast

5. Jump Start JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System


This T5 fixture puts out 15% to 20% more lumens than other T5 set ups. Set up is very easy and there is a fast fastening clamp included to make it easy for you to modify the height of your lamp.

The amazing thing about this component is that you are not necessarily required to mount the light to a ceiling or build a frame, it comes included with its own frame and can be assembled with ease and disassembled as needed.

  • Comes with T5 bulbs
  • Can be used anywhere because it does not need a special location
  • Reputable manufacturer and great quality
  • Takes up a lot of space
  • Not full spectrum
  • No warranty

Given these reviews I can say that the Jump Start JSV4 4-Foot Jump Start T5 Grow Light System win the best garage lighting on the basis that it has the features of more or less what its competitors have.

It only has the cons of having to take up a lot of space, not full spectrum, and no warranty. These are alright since this lighting will only be used in the garage anyway. A garage is a way too spacious a place so I don't think it would matter much if it takes much space.

Also, this is a fluorescent lighting which also won the contest earlier as to which bulb has the best lighting effect on a garage. You can actually set this lamp up depending on your preference, may it be ambient, task, or accent lighting.

Remember though, you can combine the three. And with the use of this kind of bulb there won't be an untidy coil of light bulb wires anywhere in your garage.

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