The Best Finish Nailer On The Market Today!

If you are planning to improve your home or renovate a certain furniture, then you will need the help of the best finish nailer. With this power tool, you can quickly tackle DIY projects anytime!


What is a Finish Nailer

A finish nailer is a type of power tool for nailing larger materials together. This tool is ideal if you are dealing with tough and thick objects such as kitchen closets and repository cabinets.

With this tool, you will no longer need the assistance of a hammer. Therefore, it can save you time and effort in your projects. Also, a finish nailer can deliver quality output. Any home and building contractors would always recommend a nail finisher for the weekend warriors.


If you are looking for the best finish nailer, then this article will help you out! We have listed the best brands and models of this tool on the market. Out of the dozens of finish nailers we tried, these finish nailers simply stood out! Here are they:​

Types of Finish Nailers

Before we highlight each of these finish nailers, let us discuss first the nature of this tool. Specifically, there are different varieties of finish nailers. Moreover, their requirements and costs differ, too.​

Pneumatic Finish Nailer

A pneumatic finish nailer is inexpensive. You can see this type of finish nailer for most DIY projects. However, you need an air compressor before you can operate this tool. Therefore, it is an additional investment on your part.



A pneumatic finish nailer pins down the nail through the utilization of air. Moreover, you should know that the pressure of the air compressor should be equal or higher than the tool's requirement.

Electric Finish Nailer

As it name suggests, the electric finish nailer is using batteries to activate its piston. When propelling, the piston would trigger a blade mechanism that drives the nail. This variety of finish nailer is ubiquitous to many construction sites because of its usability.



However, an electric finish nailer is quite heavy. Handling it requires practice and diligence. It is also more expensive than a pneumatic finish nailer. But since it has a low maintenance, then this tool is cost efficient.

Gas Finish Nailer

A gas finish nailer is using a fuel canister to drive its piston. This kind of finish nailer is best for amateurs who just want to do simple DIY projects in their home. On the contrary, its usability is not that great when it comes to large-scale tasks.​



Best Finish Nailer

#1 Hitachi NT65MA4


This product is an opus of a trusted power tool brand. The Hitachi NT65MA4 is an ideal choice for window installments and door casings. You can also use it when renovating your staircases and exterior trim. It has a variety of usage, which makes it perfect for any DIY projects.

This machine is extremely lightweight. Handling it is not a problem either, thanks to its ergonomic design. It has a tightened gripping for a secure hold.

The Hitachi NT65MA4 has two modes: sequential triggering and firing triggering. Switching between the modes is easy, too. Just click a button, and this finish nailer can tackle with your working preferences.

#2 Hitachi NT65M2S


Any professional contractors would recommend the use of Hitachi NT65M2S. This finish nailer can pound the nails down to any materials. It doesn't matter how tough the surface is. The Hitachi NT65M2S can certainly tackle them!

This tool features a 360-degree rotating exhaust. This component allows the machine to blow away the dust from your working station. Moreover, its protects your working surface with its no-mar tip.

The Hitachi NT65M2S also prevents nail jam effectively. Just like its cousin, the Hitachi NT65MA4, this nail finisher has two modes of operation. Switching between bump firing and sequential triggering is easy with the use of an ergonomic button.

#3 Freeman P4FRFNCB


The Freeman P4FRFNCB is definitely one of the best models of finish nailers. It possesses several tools that would keep up to any of your requirements. Moreover, this full combo tool is highly durable. Meanwhile, the precision and smoothness of these tools in work are both excellent!

Specifically, the Freeman P4FRFNCB has a brad nailer, framing nailer, angle finish nailer, and a narrow crown stapler. Therefore, it's an ideal choice for professional contractors and carpenters.

The finish nailer does not wear out, even if you use it on heavy and thick materials. Furthermore, it is not susceptible to internal breakage and misfires.



The DEWALT DC618K is an electric finish nailer. It is using an 18-volt NiCad battery to drive nails continuously. Typically, you can see this tool used by professionals. If you are a woodcutter or a carpenter, then this finish nailer will work best for you!

The DEWALT DC618K can charge rapidly. Therefore, there is less downtime that you will experience when you use this power tool. It also got sequential and bump firing triggers for working versatility.

Meanwhile, it has ergonomic LED lights which provide optimal visibility in your job. Therefore, your precision won't deter, even if you are working in dark areas. Since it is a cordless finish nailer, the DEWALT DC618K does not require an air compressor anymore!



If you are looking for a lightweight finish nailer, then you should opt the BOSTITCH N62FNK. With this tool, you can complete your job fast and easy!

One of the key aspects of BOSTITCH N62FNK is that it does not need lubrication. Therefore, you can guarantee that your working surface is free from stains.

This finish nailer has a strong driving force. You can use its 400 PSI power to tackle the most toughest DIY project that you have. The BOSTITCH N62FNK also has a jam-clearing mechanism to ensure that you won't encounter delays in your work.

It also provides work accuracy and precision, thanks to its ergonomic design. This power tool also includes fasteners and carrying case upon purchase.


These are the best finish nailers that you can buy in the market today. Each of them possesses unique qualities that can help you in any of your DIY projects. Even professional contractors can use them in various applications, too!


A finish nailer is one of the essential power tools that you should have. It gives you better efficiency and productivity compared if you are using a hammer. Moreover, this device poses less danger. Operating it won't consume your time and energy. As long as you got the best finish nailer, you can tackle any home projects and renovations!

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