5 Of The Best Carpet For Stairs For 2016 And Where You Can Get One

Have you ever tried tripping or slipping in your floor, especially in your stairs? A good floor covering will reduce those little incidents, and the best covering you can install in your stairs is a carpet.

The question is; what kind of carpet do we buy best? What are the things should we consider before buying one? How to know if it’s durable, germ resistant and comfortable? I wrote this article to guide you in choosing the best carpet you can use in your home, and why.



We want the best of everything in our home, from our walls to our floors and to our stairs. A carpet is one of the factors that can affect our home’s beauty and safety. Choosing a carpet is a very complicated job, especially if the type of carpet you are looking for is a stair carpet.

Why Use a Stair Carpet?

Deciding on the right carpet might be complicated but the benefits of having one endless. Almost all homes choose carpet over hard flooring. A lot of news had reported accidents with hard flooring covering, that’s why in most homes carpet is used especially in stairs.

A lot of quality carpets have outstanding wear properties, which means that many years of comfortable service can be expected if the right carpet is selected.


The first benefit you can get from a stair carpet is that it reduces the sound pollution in the house. When your stair doesn’t have a carpet, it normally squeaks and produces a lot of noise. At least with the stair carpet, when you go upstairs in your noisy slippers the noise won’t be noticeable.

The stair carpet eliminates most of the noise through sound absorption. The impact of noise can be reduced up to 30 decibels compared to usual noise made by floorcovering which is 5-15 decibels.


Noises can affect family members and a suitable stair carpet will make everyone comfortable.

Just like every other type of carpet in the house, stair carpet produces warmth. That is the second benefit you can get from buying a stair carpet. If you live in a cold place, carpets are the best to use especially that it has a low heat conduction making the place warmer.

The third benefit you can get from using stair carpet is you can ensure your safety. Carpets reduce slippage especially if the stair is wet. The soft fibers of a carpet provide a cushioning effect and excellent orthopedic properties.

Another important feature of a stair carpet is its underfoot safety. Stair carpet will reduce the probability of tripping or slipping, and if small incidents happen it lowers the possibilities of having injuries.

Stair carpet also has dust-tapping properties, leading to a healthier environment. Dust quickly settles into the fibers of the carpet and is securely held there until vacuumed again.

This is particularly essential to know since dust particles are also carriers of allergens, germs and other air contaminants.

Now we are done discussing the benefits of a stair carpet. This time, we will discuss how to pick a durable carpet. A stair carpet is not that durable than the carpet in your bedroom. When choosing a stair carpet, focus on its durability.

Put in mind that deciding on a great carpet will add durability to your carpet. However, you should still expect it to wear out more quickly than your other rooms. To avoid displeasure and dissatisfaction, consider buying another carpet to change the carpet on the stairs in the middle of your carpet life.

Here is a technique: the first two steps of the stair wears out the quickest, and the other three to four steps wear out the exact same degree. You would be able to use this advantage when you decide on the type of installation you want.

Another question to ponder is; when you choose a stair carpet, how easy it is to install?

In general, carpets are easy and quick to install which allows you to be more creative and fashionable.

If you are already on a verge of buying a stair carpet, think about the different types of carpets first and determine if they will suit the style and color scheme of your home. I will give you some of the tips in choosing the best stair carpet.

First, you should consider your lifestyle. Think about how your stair is used if you experience plenty of heavy traffic you should get a durable and strong carpet. Are the stairs in your home used all day long or are they often used?

Also, consider the position of the stairs. Do you have toddlers or kids and pets running up and down the stairs? These factors will help you to determine the best carpet in terms of durability, carpet density, patterns and fiber type.

Another point to remember is when choosing the carpet flooring; consider the type of the fiber and what is best available. In common cases, wool, nylon and polyester are the best choice especially for high traffic areas. You should choose the stair carpet with strong fibers and easy to clean because those types are the best for heavily used stairs.

Think about the carpet style. You are already done choosing the best stair carpet style; it’s now time to choose a style that will work well with the overall appearance and style of your home. Carpets come in a wide range of textures, colors and patterns and you can get exactly what you need for your home

Top 5 Best Stair Carpet Runner

#1 Halton Carpet Stair Treads by Natural Area Rugs

This carpet tread is made of premium and authentic polyester. It decreases slips and trips in your stairs. It includes thirteen stair tread with stick strips and peel which makes it easy to install.

The carpet stair treads weigh 7.7 pounds and measures 29x9x7in. the texture is smooth even when you’re walking on barefoot.


  • Can be easily cleaned with soap and water.
  • Reduces noise on your stair.
  • Perfect for home with kids and pets.
  • The ordered product will not come folded, but flat.
  • Installation is very easy.
  • The product may be too thin.

#2 Rug Styles Online Indoor Skid Slip Stair Treads

Rug Styles Online treads collection is 100% made of Olefin. It measures 8x30in and has a slip rubber backing.

It mostly works on every type of floors. It is also durable and protects the stairs from tear and wear. It is also mildew and stain resistant. The stair tread size is 7x24 in.


  • It’s very easy to vacuum.
  • The construction is corrugated for better liquid flow and traction.
  • The treads won’t budge from their position.

#3 Ottomanson Carpet Stair Treads

The features of this carpet stair tread collection are: it weighs 7 pounds, measures 26x9x0.3 in, assembled height is 0.3 in, assembled width is 26 in and assembled length is 9 in.

It also features non-slip rubber backing and a soft pile for increased comfort.


  • Has a very good quality.
  • Features non-slip texture.
  • Installation is very easy.

#4 Soloom Stair Tread Non-Slip Collection

This stair tread brand is a skid-resistant product with rubber backing. It is best in indoor use because of its nonslip and self-priming bottom. If you want to have stylish carpet treads, this product is the best.

It features modern and rich color scheme. Its surface is comfortable to step on. The specs are: item weight is 5.4 pounds, assembled height is 0.3 in, assembled width is 26 in and the assembled length is 9 in.


  • Cleaning the carpet treads is easy. After washing, it won’t deform and shrink.
  • It won’t damage your hardwood stair.
  • It helps kids and pets from tripping and/or slipping down the stairs.
  • The product smells like chemicals when you first open it so you have to air it out.

#5 Shag Carpet Stair Treads by Sweethome Stores

This carpet treads is 100% made of polypropylene. It features a machine made soft and comfortable pile. They don’t slide down the stairs because of its effective adhesive.


  • Recommended to pet owners
  • It is removable if there is an emergency washing to do
  • It fits to existing carpets.
  • It’s thick yet soft.

Isn’t it difficult for you to decide which one is the best among the four? It is, because so far, no one wrote disadvantages or disappointments about the products above on their reviews. But, there is a product which stood out among all of them!

The winner of this article’s round-up is Halton Carpet Stair Treads! It has the stylish look and comfortability. We tried to inspect other products but in the aspects of durability, style and comfort Halton Carpet Stair Treads stood out.

I hope that this article helped you in choosing the best stair carpet for your home. If you are still planning or already decided to put a stair carpet, this article would be a help for you.

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