The Best Angle Grinder for Every Handyman!

The best angle grinder is a necessary tool for any handyman. This type of power tool is your first choice when you want to polish, deburr, and cut metals. This machine is also excellent in removing rust, too!

An angle grinder is usually present in automotive shops and construction sites. If you have an old car, you can never make a significant repair without this tool on your hand. Elements like heat, rain, and snow can damage the metals of your vehicle. Once this happens over time, tools like WD-40 are already inadequate.



In these important situations, having an angle grinder is a lifesaver. This tool is versatile because it can do a lot of functions. It can get you going even if you are on the toughest job. Therefore, investing in this power tool is not a regrettable choice.

There are dozens of angle grinders on the market today. All of them varies in price and quality. Because of this level of availability, choosing the best angle grinder is quite difficult. If you don't know the key considerations in selecting an angle grinder, then there is no guarantee that you can pick the right unit.

In this article, we will show you the top rated angle grinders today. Moreover, we will also give you a comprehensive buying guide for this type of power tool. So what are we waiting for? Let us get started!

The Best Angle Grinder

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Makita 9557PBX1






Black & Decker 7750



Angle Grinder Buying Guide


Before we review each of these units, let us discuss the key considerations in choosing the best angle grinders. As we mentioned, there are is a myriad of choices when it comes to this tool. Choosing the right one for you can be difficult, especially if you have no idea what to look for.


The first consideration that we want to emphasize is the cost of this tool. You may want to buy the expensive brands because they offer a lot of features. If you have the money, then you should go for it. However, you should remember that a standard angle grinder is already enough, especially if you are only dealing with small projects.

Unless you are a professional contractor, then there is no need for you to spend on an expensive angle grinder model.

Disc Size

The disc size of an angle grinder is one of the determinants of its power. If the grinder has a large disc, then it means that it has a strong motor, too! There are different disc sizes that you can find on an angle grinder. However, the most common are the 115 mm (4.5 inches) and 230mm (9 inches) discs.

Some instances might need you to opt with pneumatic angle grinders. This type of angle grinder has small discs, which provides enhanced precision on small projects.


It is also important that you should pay attention to the engine of this tool. Each brand of angle grinder varies in wattage, amp, and voltage. Normally, you will have to choose grinders that have 500 to 2,500 watts and 4 to 15 amperage. The higher the figures, the more powerful the angle grinder is. However, you can still choose a unit with a lower rating if you are just dealing with household errands.

Speed Rating

For this tool to perform, its blade has to spin at a very fast rate. Therefore, you must choose angle grinders that are incredibly powerful. Specifically, we are talking about models that can do 5,000 to 10,000 revolutions per minute.However, you should remember that you have to handle this tool correctly. Risks of injury are always present once the blade starts spinning!



When choosing an angle grinder, you should never forget about your comfort. Specifically, you need to consider the size and weight of this tool.

Compact angle grinders are best for extended usage and small projects. Unless you are a professional contractor, you don't need those large grinders. Moreover, you should prefer a unit that has anti-vibration handles. This feature can prevent fatigue and improve your working precision.


You will also need an angle grinder that is extremely versatile. Buy a unit that has interchangeable wheels and parts. If this feature is present, then you can do tackle any projects in your garage!

Meanwhile, here are the types of wheels that you can attach to your angle grinder:​

  • Aluminum oxide - For woodworking, cutting bolts, polishing, and buffing.
  • Diamond - This blade is ideal for cutting tiles, stones, and other concretes.
  • Fiber - It is an excellent choice for removing burrs and rust from metal.
  • Flapper - If you want to sharpen and restore edges, then you should use a flapper wheel.
  • Silicon carbide - This wheel is for rounding, cleaning, and sharpening metal. You can also use this for removing mortar and tuck pointing.
  • Brush or wire - This wheel is for removing rust, paint, and other general cleaning jobs.

Best Angle Grinder

#1 DEWALT D28115 - $$$

The DEWALT D28115 is one of your best choices when it comes to angle grinders. It has a powerful 13.0 Amp/ 2.3Hp motor that can run at the peak of 9,000 RPM. Specifically, this tool is built for quick material removal. It also has a high overload protection.

The DEWALT D28115 sports an efficient dust ejection system. It can eject dangerous debris and other particles that penetrate in the tool with the use of air vents.


Moreover, it has a quick wheel release that allows a tool-free removal of the wheel. Therefore, your versatility and productivity in work won't suffer from any downtime. Meanwhile, the entire angle grinder is protected by dual abrasion. With this safety feature, the internal parts of the DEWALT D28115 can repel debris ingestion.

It also has a brush arm that can prevent dust ingestion. Therefore, you won't experience brush hung-up on this angle grinder. The DEWALT D28115 has an anti-vibration handle, which improves your comfort while working.

  • Powerful motor and performance
  • Have overload protection
  • Dust ejection system prevents internal damage
  • Two-position side handle decreases the amount of vibration
  • Can do tool-free guard adjustments
  • Slightly heavier compared to other models of angle grinders
  • Quite noisy when operating


Despite its inexpensiveness, the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG is among the most powerful angle grinders out there. Specifically, it can do 11,000 RPM, which is ideal for tough construction jobs. Moreover, it has a strong 6-amp motor that can deal any task quickly.

Meanwhile, it has a 3-position handle that complements its rotating housing feature. With the combination of these ergonomic functions, you can have optimal control to the tool, regardless of the position.


The entire housing of the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG is made from durable cast metal. Therefore, you can guarantee that it has extended lifespan even if you subject it to harsh conditions. It also features a tool-free guard release, which allows you to quick guard alignment for enhanced safety.

The spindle lock feature of this device lessens your downtime in your work. Specifically, it enables you to do bit changes using a single wrench. Overall, the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG is highly comfortable to use.

  • Inexpensive choice for angle grinder
  • Disc can spin at 11,000 RPM
  • Highly durable construction
  • Comfortable to useImproved safety features
  • The body size is larger than conventional angle grinders
  • Gripping this machine is quite difficult
  • Guard is too close to the wheels

#3 Makita 9557PBX1 - $$

One of the most compact angle grinders today is the Makita 9557PBX1. Despite it size, it is still packed with power, thanks to its 7.5 amp motor. Its barrel grip has a small diameter, for improved comfort and control.

This angle grinder is using a labyrinth type of construction. This kind of housing design prevents the entry of dust and debris. Therefore, you will no longer worry about any internal damages. The Makita 9557PBX1 also possesses a lock on/ off feature for uninterrupted operation.


Meanwhile, it comes with a zig-zag varnish seals that protect the armature from debris and dust. Of course, it won't be preferred by many construction professionals if it doesn't have large paddle switch!

  • Rotatable housing gears (90 degrees)
  • All-ball bearing design
  • Hard cast metal housing for extreme durability
  • Highly compact and comfortable
  • Barrel grip has small circumference for convenient usage
  • Only ideal for small projects and household applications
  • The safety trigger is an awkward position

#4 DEWALT DWE402 - $$

Another angle grinder from DEWALT that you should consider is the DEWALT DWE402. Just like the PORTER-CABLE PC60TAG, the DEWALT DWE402 can spin 11,000 RPM. It is a robust tool that you can use on heavy duty applications!

In fact, the DEWALT DWE402 is among the angle grinders that has the best power-to-weight ratio. It has a 1.8-HP motor that can perform relentlessly on extended usage. Meanwhile, it also possesses a dust ejection system that efficiently expels harmful dust and debris that enters the machine.


The brush lifespan of this angle grinder is twice longer than its predecessor. The DEWALT DWE402 has a large spiral bevel gear which extends its transmission life.

On the other hand, this power tool features a one-touch guard. This feature enables a 360-degree rotation of this tool in just a single click. Moreover, you will no longer need a wrench to release the wheel of this angle grinder, thanks to its quick change mechanism.

The mounted spindle lock button ensures that the DEWALT DWE402 can cut thick. Overall, you will love its durability and overall performance. It has quality ergonomics that provide comfort and stability on your work.

  • Incredibly powerful angle grinder
  • Balanced power-to-weight ratio
  • Have protective dust ejection system
  • Have a long transmission life
  • Highly ergonomic and comfortable to use
  • The trigger is somehow close to the wheel
  • Does not come with a standard guard; must purchase separately

#5 Black & Decker 7750 - $

The Black & Decker 7750 can perform decently, too. With its 10,000 RPM capacity, it can tackle tough applications under various working conditions. It got a 5.5-amp motor that can keep up with your demands. Although its power rating is lesser than the rest of angle grinders we reviewed, you can still guarantee that the Black & Decker 7750 can perform well!

This power tool has a two-position handle for enhanced user control. It also got a contoured body grip to maximize your comfort, especially on extended usage.


The Black & Decker 7750 got a spindle lock that holds the wheel tightly. The same component is also capable of quick and tool-free accessory changes. With its ergonomics, this angle grinder is perfect for home applications such as grinding and sharpening metals.

  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Power and performance is pretty decent
  • Metal gear case increases the durability of this angle grinder
  • Spindle lock can do tool-free changes
  • Slide switch is convenient to use
  • The design and construction are lesser compared to other angle grinders
  • Noisy operation
  • Does not have anti-vibration features


The best angle grinder is essential for both DIYers and professional contractors. For those who are dealing with metal works, this tool is highly necessary. In fact, you cannot proceed with complicated projects without using this power tool first. Therefore, investing in this power tool is something that you should do.

Among the products we featured, we consider the DEWALT DWE402 as the best angle grinder. First, it is expensive but can do a myriad of applications. It is powerful and has a lot of built-in functions that you can use on different projects!


However, we still recommend that you try all of our featured angle grinders. After all, you cannot get what works for your preference if you don't check out other options!

Overall, we highly recommend that you exercise precaution when handling this tool. The blade of an angle grinder can cause serious injuries if you don't use it properly. Also, don't forget to wear safety gears to ensure your protection while working.

Did you learn in this article? Read more of our tutorials and guides so that you can learn more things about music. Also, don't forget to drop your comments, questions, and suggestions in the box down below!



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